Project Heartbeat

Riverside County is comprised of 23 school districts and services 349,151 school-aged youth, with a school dropout rate of 3.2%, just below the state rate of 3.8%.

Anointed Vessel Productions make an impact by providing “Project Heartbeat,” an after school performing arts educational program targeting youth age 11-17 from low income families. The program provides a platform for creative expression and positive self-identity for increased confidence and improved academic achievement.

This prevention & intervention program was established to bridge the gap in the learning experience, as a catalyst for youth to conquer their academic challenges and seize all opportunities for higher academic achievement. It is offered as a 10-week community after school program through alternative education and life skills development workshops. Our workshops are facilitated by instructors who are industry professionals, master level interns and graduate students of theatre, education, psychology & sociology disciplines.

Project Heartbeat provides:

Alternative Education – utilizing acting techniques as visual learning for raising low self-esteem and confidence levels.

Vocational Education – utilizing theatre techniques for basic life skills through staged real life challenges for the development of leadership and anger management skills.

A platform for creative expression as an alternative to at-risk behavior for early intervention and prevention of social problems.

A platform for building positive self-identity and empowerment for self-sufficiency.

The Program’s four goals are to:

  • Build Critical Thinking In Arts

  • Decrease School Dropout Rates

  • Improve Academic Performance

  • Improve Pro-Social Behavior

In a workshop setting, the participants study the work of a customized play based on research on youth challenges, current events, one-on-one interviews with youth, and group observations. The plays fuse the day to day real life issues with positive solutions (arts integration). Activities include acting and theatre techniques, readers’ theatre, theatre games, role playing, improvisation, scriptwriting (creative writing exercises), character analysis, character and scene development, and stage presence.





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    Yes (Sì)No

    Acting (Actuacion)Dance (Baile)Poetry (Poesía)Singing (Canto)Spoken Word (Palabra Hablada)Play an instrument (Tocar un instrumento)

    Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) (Centro de Oportunidades para jovenes (YOC))
    Family Resource Center (FRC) (Centro de Recursos Familiares (FRC))